How can my Contacts Book Appointments Using my Meeting Link

Booking Appointments #

Prerequisites #

Please ensure that you have completed these pre-requisites before sharing your appointment link.

  1. You’ve added an inbox on Peasy. Follow the guide here to create an inbox
  2.  You’ve connected your Google Calendar account to Peasy. Find out how to connect your Google Calendar here.
  3. You’ve created at least one a appointment session on Peasy. Follow the guide here to create a appointment session.

Sharing your Appointment Link #

  1. Login to your Peasy sales account here.
  2. After you’ve logged in, navigate to the left side bar and click on the gear (Settings) icon.
  3. Select “Calendar” from the options displayed on the left.
  4. On the right side of the screen, you will find the “Actions” section with three icons: Copy, Edit, and Delete. Click on the Copy icon. Click on the Copy icon
  5.  The appointment link will be automatically copied to your clipboard, allowing you to easily share it with your clients.
  6. Share the appointment link with your contact. When they click on the link, your contact should be able to see a list of all available time similar to the image below. Click on any of the time slot to reserve the time slot.
  7. A registration form will appear after selecting the time slot. Your contact need to fill in their name, email and phone number. Please ensure that they key in their phone number without the country code. For example; if they’re living in Malaysia and their phone number is “+60162999500” – then their valid phone number entry ought to be “162999500”. Click “Save” when you’re done. A new contact entry will be created if the contact is non-existent in your Peasy Account.

  8. After booking an appointment,  your contact will receive a Google Calendar invite via email.
  9. Your contact can refer to the invite and respond to confirm the appointment.
  10. If the client’s email and phone number are not already in your Peasy contact database, Peasy will automatically create a new contact using the client’s contact details.

Common Errors #

I have a vacant slots in my calendar 31 days from now but my contact is unable to book an appointment in advance. #

Due to a limitation with Google Calendar’s API, contacts are unable to book appointments 31 days ahead of current time.

The appointment page is not in sync with my Google calendar. A busy time slot in my Google Calendar is represented as available in the appointment page. # Google Calendar have been disconnected from your Peasy Sales Account. Very likely, either:

  1. You have changed your Gmail password, leading to your Google Calendar being disconnected.
  2. The admin domain of your Google account has disconnected Peasy as an app, therefore removing Peasy’s access to your Google Calendar.
Please reconnect your Google Calendar using the guide here.

Some time slots are missing in the appointment page. I have configured my available time from 1pm to 5pm, but some timeslots between those time range is missing. #

Please check:

  • If there any pre-existing event on your primary and conflicting Google calendars. The appointment page will only free time slots on your Google Calendar.
  • Check your Appointment Session configuration, most likely your buffer and notice period configuration prevent certain time slots from being made available.
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Updated on July 5, 2023

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