Data types and conditions

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Peasy Sales supports custom attributes other than standard data attributes (a default set of data about your conversations/contacts like Name, Email, Location, etc.). A custom attribute tracks facts about your contacts/conversations. The custom attribute can be anything, E.g.:

  • Subscription plan
  • Subscribed date
  • Signup date
  • Most ordered item
  • Ordered product link
  • Last transaction date
The only difference between custom and standard attributes is standard data attributes automatically get updated.
Custom data attributes are the information you attached to conversation/customers, like how many times they’ve ordered a product, when they signup, or what plan they’re on. So you can set whatever attributes you want to understand your customer/conversation better, and it will all show in Peasy Sales.




Add A New Custom Attribute #

To add a new custom attribute, navigate to the Custom Attributes by clicking on Settings -> Custom Attributes from the sidebar.




Click on Add custom attributes button available on the top right corner of the page, which will open a modal as shown below.