Connecting Peasy Marketing and Peasy Sales

Table of contents

This features only available to Non – Prepaid User for both Peasy Marketing and Peasy Sales.

To proceed this integration, user must have Peasy Marketing and Peasy Sales Account. 


1. Login into Peasy Marketing account.

2. Make sure your business profile complete complete created.

3. Click on Settings > API Key

4. Click Add New button

5. Choose the Business Profile that you created previously.

6. Click Generate Button.

7. Once API Key have been generated, you will be able to see from Business Profile API Key dashboard the API Key will be show. We must take this API Key to Peasy Sales for Integration with Peasy Sales.

8. Login to your Peasy Sales account.

9. Click on Settings > Applications > Connect

10. Pop – up Peasy Marketing Screen will appear. You just need to Login with Facebook.

11. Please Key in your personal Facebook password to verified integration.

12. Then, click configure button and add New Hook button.

13. Next, Select Business Profile to integrated with, Select Inbox (your WhatsApp number) intended for and click Create button.