Conversation Continuity

Peasy Sales allows customers to continue chat conversations via email threads under the following cases.

  • If no agents are available and the customer leaves a message in the chat,
  • if the customer leaves the chat before the agent replies.

Along with these cases, the contact should have an email address associated with it in peasy sales CRM.

Obtaining email address of contacts #

You can prompt/update customer emails into peasy sales through the following ways.

1.via Chatwoot SDK


If customer email is already known, you can supply it into peasy sales via the (setUser) method in our SDK.

2.via PreChat Form


If a mandatory pre-chat form is enabled. the conversation starts with a screen as below

3.via Email Collect Prompt


When the pre-chat form is disabled and the customer email is unknown, peasy sales starts a conversation with an email collect prompt

Conversation Continuity #

If the customer email gets updated through any of the options mentioned above. When the agent replies and the customer is not active on the chat widget:

  • The customer receives an email thread with a conversation summary over which they can continue the conversation.
  • The agent receives the customer replies from email in their peasy sales dashboard, continued over the existing conversation thread.
The email icon in the chat bubble indicates that the customer reply arrived via email.
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Updated on October 3, 2022

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