Communal WhatsApp

How to create a Communal WhatsApp inbox? #

1. Click on “Settings”, then “Inbox”, followed by “Add Inbox”.

2. Select “Communal Inbox”

3. Assign an internal name for this inbox, the internal name will not be visible to your message recipient

4. This is your assigned WhatsApp number, it will be visible to your message recipient

5. Continue to configure your inbox’s setting. Please refer here for further instructions.


What are the difference between WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business API? #

WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp BusinessWhatsApp Business API
For personal useFor SMEFor mid/large businesses
1:1 messagesAd hoc customer service
Small-scale marketing
Mass messaging campaigns
Strategic customer service
App, browserApp, browserPartner interface
1 user, 2 devices max (1 phone, 1 desktop)1 user, 2 devices max (1 phone, 1 desktop)Unlimited users & devices
No business toolsBusiness profile
Product catalog
Broadcast messages (limited)
Automated messages (limited)
Create and participate in group chats
No green tick for official account
Business profile
Product catalog
Broadcast messages 
Automated messages (chatbots, transactional)
Send Rich interactive messages
Create but not participate in group chats
Green tick for official account possible
Contacts from phone that have WA accountContacts from phone that have WA accountContacts are imported from opt-in list
Broadcast to only 256 people per dayBroadcast to only 256 people per dayBroadcast up to 100,000 people per day
High risk of account being bannedHigh risk of account being bannedLow risk of account being banned

What's Communal WhatsApp? #

We created Communal WhatsApp so that you can enjoy the benefit of WhatsApp Business API without the cost and complication. Using Communal WhatsApp, you can access all of WhatsApp Business API’s features such as:

  • Unlimited users and devices
  • Broadcast up to 100,000 people per day, without fear of being banned
  • Send rich interactive messages
  • Create chatbots to take orders and answers questions

while paying less, compared to applying your own WhatsApp Business API.

Communal WhatsAppWhatsApp Business API
One shared WhatsApp numberYour own WhatsApp number
Immediate activation. You can use the account immediately after creating the inbox.Requires registration, verification and approval from WhatsApp. Can take up to 4-5 weeks.
No monthly fee.USD 30 Monthly fee (not including usage)


Does that mean we are sharing the same WhatsApp number? #

Yes, but your contacts and conversations are only visible to you. Other users will not be able to read your conversations, or interact with your contacts.


What if there are 2 Peasy users with the same contact? #

  1. The first person to send a message to the overlapping contact will own the conversation.
  2. The other Peasy user will not be able to send WhatsApp message to the same contact until the conversation becomes inactive.
  3. A conversation becomes inactive if there aren’t any new messages created within the past 30 days.
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Updated on October 3, 2022

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