Creating and Deleting Automations

Creating Automations #

In order to create automation, you need to go to the Automations page, navigate there by clicking on the Settings icon on the Peasy Sales sidebar and select Automations.

Click on the + Add Automation Rule button open the Automation creation modal.

  1. Give your automation a name.
  2. Add a description (optional).
  3. Select an event.
  4. Add conditions.
  5. Add actions.

You can chain multiple conditions with the AND or OR operator, like the below example.

Example – Assigning a conversation to a team when the Browser language is france and Status is Open, when a new conversation is created.

  1. Add a name and a description
  2. Select event as Conversation Created
  3. Add two conditions and join them with the AND operator, Condition 1 – Conversation Status as Open and Condition 2 – Browser Language as Francais (fr) from the dropdown.
  4. Add an action – Assign a team and select the team Support
  5.  from the dropdown. (You need to create your team first)

Editing Automations #

To edit an automation, click on the Edit icon from the automations list you want to edit.


Clone Automations #

To make a copy of an existing automation, just click on the clone icon from the automations list you want to copy. This will create an exact replica of the automation with the same conditions and actions.

Delete Automations #

To delete an automation, click on the delete button from the list, note that this is permanent and cannot be undone.

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Updated on October 5, 2022

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