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Agents are users in your Peasy Sales account. The number of agents which you can add into your account is determined by your subscribed plan. 

An agent can be either of these roles:

RoleAccess level
  • All settings
  • Contact list
  • API key
  • Read and reply all conversations
  • Campaigns
  • Report
  • Calendar, Canned Response, Labels and Custom Attribute settings
  • Read and reply conversations assigned to them


Peasy does not limit the agent/admin composition within your agent mix. You can endow admin privileges to all of your users.

How to add an agent #

  1. Please login to your Peasy Sales account from your desktop
  2. Click on “Settings” on your dashboard
  3. Click on “Agents”. You should be able to see a screen similar to one below
  4.  Click on the “Add Agent” button as per highlighted on the image above. A pop-up form similar to the image below will appear. 
  5. Fill in your agent details. Please ensure that the email address is not associated to any existing Peasy Sales user. We cannot delete an user account on your behalf, please use a different email address. Click “Add Agent” when you have completed the form.
  6. Peasy Sales will send an invitation email to your new agent. Please ask your agent to click on the confirmation link to setup their profile. Your new agent status will change from “Verification Pending” to “Verified” after they have setup their profile. Peasy will not assign conversations to non-verified agents.
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Updated on July 19, 2023

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