Online selling made for everyone.

Peasy simplifies and automates Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google Marketing.

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We understand SME.

Peasy adapts to your business. No website? No problem, we can convert clicks into quality leads for your sales team or visitors to your store. No time to manage your campaign? No problem, our AI will monitor and optimize your campaign. Limited budget? No problem, with Peasy you get expert results for fraction of the cost.

How are the ads created by Peasy any different?

By default, Facebook and Google ads can’t track offline sales. Without tracking, your online ads cannot identify and target genuine prospects.  And you’ll end up paying for junk leads and clicks. Peasy tackles the challenge with these 3 steps.

Step 1


Peasy automatically creates Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google ads targeting genuine prospects

Step 2


Peasy tracks offline conversion by analyzing WhatsApp chat logs, QR Codes, POS integration or batch data dump

Step 3


Peasy analyzes online and offline data, and automatically adjust your ad's targeting - so you will enjoy better conversion rate and profitability.

No Time? No Problem.

You’re an entrepreneur. Focus on running your business, and let Peasy run your campaigns. Peasy simplifies digital marketing to just 3 easy steps, and automates 80% of the work. Just click and forget.

For your Marketing Team.

Peasy automatically create and optimize Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

Task Automated
Design visual & copywriting

Set the budget and target

Create Campaign Strategy

Channel, segment & campaign budget split

Audience targeting & bid

Conversion optimization and split testing

Campaign monitoring & reporting

For your Sales Team.

Use our automated workflow and WhatsApp Chatbot to improve your team’s productivity.

Task Peasy
Chat & Close

Rule-based agent assignment

Update lead status report

Sales pipeline reporting

Pre-qualify incoming leads

Smart Broadcast

Assisted Follow-up

Limited Budget? No Problem.

Everyone starts small. We created Peasy because we do not want budget constraints to hold SMBs back from digital inclusion. By automating the algorithms, analytics, and calculations normally done by an expert, we are able to plan, create, and optimize your campaigns at a much lower cost.

Free Forever

Just getting started? You can use Peasy for free if your ad spend is under USD 100 per month. Sign up now!

No additional hiring

Achieve digital success with your current team. Peasy will handle the analytic, campaign planning, creation and optimization, lead distribution and aggregated reporting.

4 Softwares in 1 System

For a flat monthly fee, Peasy will fulfill the combined function of AdEspresso, LeadsBridge, WhatsApp CRM and ManyChat. Check out our pricing.

Free Ads, Peasy Premium & Training

Receive RM 1,200 Facebook Ads credit, 1 year subscription to Peasy Premium and 1 year access to our Premium Online Training when you apply for the SME Digitization Grant.

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“We were worried during the MCO period, but Peasy sustain our sales with genuine leads. The team responded swiftly to help scale our contactless booking. I'm happy that we managed to 75% of our target even in such adverse condition”

Nor Amanah
Head of Marketing Sales & Marketing
SP Setia – Setia Warisan Tropika

“Peasy reduce our cost per lead by more than 15X. Peasy is perfect for a small agency like us, we don’t have internal digital guru so Peasy and their helpful customer support really really helps.”

Real Estate Agent

“I was impressed by Peasy's engagement model. Since there wasn't any upfront cost, we didn't have to go through lengthy deliberation. The team at Peasy setup and start producing leads within a week after engagement. What I'd particularly like was clear visibility and measurability in our entire sales funnel.”

Stevanie Adeline
GM Sales & Marketing
Guocoland Malaysia Bhd

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