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Everything you need to grow your sales. From attracting new customers through Facebook, Google and Instagram ads, to  SIM -free & ban-free WhatsApp broadcasts, to WhatsApp,  WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and LINE chatbots which can qualify leads, take orders and help with follow-up.

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Digital is not for me

Too many things to do but too little time? Big dreams with small budget? Ambitious goals but don’t know where to start?
Who says digital is only for big companies with deep wallet? Let us address your concerns.

I am worried that:

Most people perceive digital as complicated and high risk because they think it is heavily dependable on luck. On good days, your sales increases but on bad days, your sales decreases. Watch our video to understand more on how to control and predict your sales accurately.

Check out how Peasy help you to be in control of your sales and business growth!

Over 40TB Audience Data

To help improve your ads targeting.

Customer Analytics

Understand you customer profitability and path to purchase.

Full Funnel Campaign

From awareness, consideration to conversion campaigns.

The myth is that you need to spend plenty of time learning and mastering digital before you can start selling online. Time can otherwise be spent engaging with your customers or employees. Watch our video and learn how to focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to the machines.

Peasy’s features which can help simplify and automate your digital sales, so you can focus on what you do best


Supports WhatsApp, LiveChat and Messenger.

Ads Created by AI

Launch your campaign in 3 simple steps.

Sales Automation

Automate repetitive task, let your team focus on sales and support

The common perception is that you’ll need to invest a hefty amount of money on building website, payment gateway before you can sell online. And even then, sales are often not predictable. Watch our video explaining why that’s not necessary the case.

With Peasy’s simple and low-rate plan, you can get started selling digitally in just 3 easy steps and 1 Facebook Page.

No Website, No Problem

Drive sales from FB, IG, Google to WhatsApp and chat.

No money to hire experts?

Let our AI plan and run your campaign from start to finish.

Worry about overspending?

Our AI will monitor your ads 24/7 and make continuous improvement.

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"In Peasy Marketing, there is an AI tool that has helped to analyse the best target audience and once I understood it...when we run our ads, it is not wasted."

Mr. Kairulizwan

Founder & Creator of UK Empire Enterprise
Industry of Cosmetic Manufacture 


"There is a system in Peasy that enables the ads we run to be more efficient. Hence, anything we do, it will reduce the losses on our side and helps us to achieve our target easily."

Mr. Azim

Founder Snackgasm
Industry of  Food & Beverages


"The onboarding session is super easy. Suitable and can be easily understood by starters, novices, and non-management level. Peasy's software is very simple, easily understandable and has a friendly user interface."

Mr. Nava Shankara

Owner of Arch Computers
Industry of  Technology

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Our pricing plan starts with only RM78 a year with all the basic functions you would need to start selling online.

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