Peasy is made for Online to Offline Sales.

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Not every product can be sold through a standard e-commerce shopping cart. Peasy is a comprehensive Online-to-Offline solution. Generate high quality leads, manage your sales team, track and close deals- all on one platform.

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Conventional digital marketing and CRM may not be sufficient

Why you deserve a dedicated online-to-offline sales solution

Peasy Marketing

Your ads generate expensive clicks and leads that don't convert to sales

Frustrated by low quality leads? Sales team need more leads? Good leads don’t have to be expensive. Learn how to secure a steady stream of high-quality leads.

Peasy Sales

Technology kept your sales team busy but not productive

You sell via WhatsApp and phone calls. Your sales team spends more time on SOP and data entry than selling. Find out how you can liberate your sales team to perform.

Ads that target Buyers, not Clickers

Get more high-quality leads, at lower cost

It's all about Targeting

Without Peasy, your ads can’t identify which clicks have converted to sales offline. As a result, your ad budget is wasted targeting clickers instead of buyers. Peasy analyzes WhatsApp conversations to improve targeting, resulting in higher quality leads with less wasted budget. Best of all, it’s completely effortless. Just 3 simple steps to start a lead campaign.

Campaign Prediction

Protect your budget, get results prediction before spending start.

Audience Recommendation

Automatically set your campaign targeting

Higher profitability

Automatically match segment’s bid with CLTV

Easy Peasy

Achieve success with your current team. Create a campaign in just 3 steps.

Simplify hiring and training

You don’t to be a digital expert to grow your digital sales. Peasy simplify digital marketing, anyone in your team can successfully create Facebook, Instagram and Google ads in 3 simple steps. Peasy will monitor and optimize your campaign, so you can just click & forget.


Support FB, IG and Google Ads

3 Easy Steps

Create & launch a successful campaign easily

Automatic Optimization

Automatic targeting, bid, budget and channel optimization.

Keep it simple, just Chat & Sell.

Liberate your Sales Rep to Perform

On average, salespeople only spend 35.2% of their time selling. Imagine the potential revenue increase if they could spend more time on what they do best. Our chatbot and automation can help them do just that by automating mundane tasks, providing AI-powered assistance with follow-ups and forecasting, and freeing them up to focus on selling.

Centralize Inbox

Support FB/IG Messenger, Telegram, LINE, WhatsApp, Email, Live Chat, Twitter 

Real-time Reporting

From broad automated report, all the way to inspecting customer conversation

Smart Broadcast

Broadcast personalized interactive message on WhatsApp without being banned.

Multi-channel Chatbot

Easily create your own chatbot with our code-free builder or customize from our templates


Automate repetitive, mundane task so that your sales team can focus on selling.

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