Do less. Sell More!

All it takes is just 3 simple steps.

Peasy can improve your Facebook & Google ads to generate 2X more quality leads. Automatically distribute leads from ads to your sales team’s WhatsApp, without spreadsheet.

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Peasy Support Local Business

Malaysian entrepreneurs are survivors. You don’t have to weather this pandemic and digital transformation alone. Use our Free Forever Peasy Subscription to find new customers online. Learn from our academy for free.

Free Ads & Software*

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Peasy is Built for Online to Offline Sales

Does your sales team depend on your ability to generate a consistent level of high quality leads daily? Peasy is an end-to-end lead generation and management system built especially for this purpose. All it takes is just 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Create lead gen campaigns
  • 2. Distribute leads to sales's WhatsApp
  • 3. Continuously improve lead quality

Use Peasy Marketing to create Customer Acquisition Campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram. Our AI will automatically recommend the best audience segments, targeting, bid and channel breakdown for your campaign

Peasy Sales automatically distribute incoming leads from your ads to your salesperson's WhatsApp, without spreadsheet. Incoming leads are automatically downloaded real-time, and distributed to your sales team based on pre-configured rules.

Peasy analyzes WhatsApp conversation log to identify common traits between good and bad leads, and uses that learning to automatically optimize your lead campaign's targeting.

Two Products. One wholesome solution

Use Peasy Marketing to easily create and run your Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns.

Perfect for:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Conversion Campaigns
  3. Branding & Awareness Campaigns
  4. Campaign Optimization

Peasy Sales is the easiest way for sales team to scale their WhatsApp sale. Increase your team’s productivity with our chatbot and automation.

Perfect for:

  1. Shared WhatsApp team inbox
  2. Lead Qualification & Nurturing
  3. Conversational commerce
  4. Customer loyalty

Do Less

– Just 3 steps to deliver quality leads

– From Facebook, Google & Instagram to your salesperson’s WhatsApp

– Focus on what matters 

– click and forget.

Sell More

On average, Peasy delivers 222% better ROI and 2.57 times more contactable leads.

Our achievement

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Some of our users

Why we started Peasy

We support local businesses, and we envision a digital economy that is more inclusive and welcoming for SMB. In our opinion, the current options for SMB to go digital are too expensive, risky and complicated. Our mission is to provide SMB with a digital transformation option which are:

01 With your Current Team

Digital must be easy, complex upskilling not necessary. SMB should be able to achieve results with their current team. If they have a product worth selling, they should be able to sell it online easily.

02 Digital for All

Every great company start small. Our Machine Learning solution will automate complex analysis and optimization, thereby enabling everyone to afford good and effective digital marketing.

03 Stronger Together

Whatever our AI learn from one, it benefit everyone. But it doesn’t stop there. Grow with us, join our academy and community.

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