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WhatsApp Broadcast without being banned

How is our WhatsApp broadcast different from normal WhatsApp blasters?

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Personalized & Rich Interactive Messages

Inundated with incessant messages? Manually taking order via WhatsApp?

Create your own Multi-channel Chatbot

Build your own WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Web, Telegram and LINE chatbot with our code-free flow builder. Just drag and drop your own flow, or adapt from existing templates.

Don’t waste your sales team’s time on unqualified leads. Route incoming leads from ads, web forms, and chat to our chatbot before assigning them to your agents.

Select the different possible applications for your chatbot 

Improve your team's productivity with Automation

Free your team from repetitive tasks with automations. Let your team focus on what they do best. Create chatbots to improve response time for customers. Check out some of our automations:

Seamless Collaboration

Selling on personal WhatsApp can be messy. Centralize all your agents' WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, email, LiveChat and Twitter conversations on one platform. Conversations are only visible to the assigned agent and administrator. Use our integrated collaboration tool to easily manage, share, and sort your contact list. From assisted follow-ups, private notes, automatic CSAT to many other features to keep your team organize.

Group conversations and contacts with labels


Conversations with the same contact from other channels

Contact Status

Train AI to generate better lead quality by changing lead status


Record attributes about the contact or conversation. Can be used in filters and automation

Private notes

Exchange private notes between agents about this contact


Manually reassign the contact to a different agent or team


Search for contacts and conversations by message content or contact details 

Assisted Follow-up

Set auto follow-up reminder


Create custom filter to organize contact list

Sortable contact list

Sort contacts by most recent response, created time, score or follow-up timer

Fuss-free Reporting

Reporting managers and team members will be thrilled. Get real-time reports without sacrificing productivity. Peasy automatically captures and reports key metrics and insights. Check out some of the reports below.
Agent/Team Performance
Custom Report


Integrate Peasy with CRM, Google Docs and 4,000 other apps through Zapier.

Send automatic WhatsApp order, payment, delivery and refund notification

Integrate your NLP chatbot from Dialogflow

Funnel incoming leads from your ads directly to your team and chatbot.  Get better quality leads. Use chat data and sales feedback to automatically improve your campaign’s targeting.

Track custom event. Trigger chatbot based on user’s in-app and in-web behaviour. Implement LiveChat.

A price everyone can afford

Our pricing plan starts from RM50 a year. Unlimited contacts. Pay as you go for messaging.

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