How to improve my Campaign’s Performance

Instruction #

  • Fundamentally, Peasy automatically optimizes your campaign’s targeting, bid, budget split and usage.  We advise that you do not adjust the recommended targeting, bid and budget split – unless you’re very sure of what you are doing.

However, we encourage that you diligently optimize these elements:

  1. Change creative – check your ad frequency. If the frequency is higher than 2, add a new ad.
  2. Increase budget – if your campaign daily spent is 80%-100% of your allocated budget. For example, your campaign budget was RM 1,000 for 10 days. By the 4th day, your campaign have spent between rm320 to rm400, that indicates that your campaign have better momentum than initially estimated, it has the potential to exceed the initial target. If you want to achieve more results than the initial target, please increase your budget.
  3. Decrease budget or widen your targeting (only applicable to campaigns created via single funnel, or if you have changed the targeting recommended by Peasy). If your campaign fail to achieve more than 9,000 impression after the 4th day, that is usually an indication that  your campaign is suffering from a limited population size. Consider widening your targeting, by either selecting a larger geographical area OR adjusting the include, narrow and exclude in your campaign to enlarge the targeting size.
  4. Update lead status – update your lead status in contact listing.


My campaign is not spending #

  1. Peasy AI need enough data to start kick off. Wait until your impression 9000.
  2. Check if population too small, widen your location. Kota Belud – Sabah
  3. Too many question in the lead form affected your lead tendency to fill in the form and resulting in low volume of lead.
  4. Check your ad creative. Try changing your creative. Please ensure your creative does not violate Facebook rules.Facebook required words in the image to be less than 20% otherwise Facebook will give penalties to the ad.

My campaign performance is lower than estimated, should I wait or adjust the settings? #

When they should change:

a. When impression is more than 9000, daily spend is less than 50%

b. Ad frequency is more than 2

Otherwise, don’t do anything.

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Updated on January 9, 2023

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