How to create a Facebook Lead Form

Creating Facebook Lead Form #

  1. Open your Facebook Business Page and click on Publishing Tools, then Forms Library. If you have a newer page, check in your Leads Centre.
  2. Click “+Create” to make a new form.
  3. Name your form
  4. Select your form type, the difference between the form types here determine whether there is an extra step for you prospects to review the information they’ve keyed in before submitting or not. The review step is added if you select “Higher Intent”, you can experiment on this if you would like, in order to determine which is best.
  5. Now your headline and description (under layout), this is purely optional. But we recommend that you use it as based on our experience, adding in additional information to this really helps in motivating a person to filling and submitting the form.
  6. In questions, you have the option of using custom questions. But let’s talk about prefill information first, prefill information will automatically populate with information configured to a person’s Facebook’s profile. You would use custom questions in order to get information outside of the provided fields.
  7. In privacy policy, you will need to include your company’s privacy policy URL.
  8. In completion you can include additional information and send leads to your website or even call if you so do wish.

Below is a video tutorial that you can follow.


I can't create a Facebook Lead Form #

There are 2 scenarios whereby you are unable to create a Facebook Lead Form.

  1. You have not accepted the policies necessary from Facebook.
  2. You have been banned from doing lead collection due to policy infringement.

How do I know if I have successfully created a Facebook Lead Form? #

You will be able to see it in Peasy when creating a Lead Generation campaign or alternatively, you can check in Facebook itself.

Navigate to your Facebook Business Page and click on Publishing Tools, click on Forms Library under Leads Ads Forms.

If your Facebook Page is new, you will need to check under your Business Suite, look for Lead Centre.

What is a privacy and disclaimer policy? #

The privacy and disclaimer policy is a requirement when creating a Lead Form. Under Data Privacy and Protection, this is made mandatory by Facebook when creating Lead Forms to ensure that the data collected adheres to GDPR standards. You can easily use a Data Privacy and Protection policy generator that is readily available on the web or use one from your website.

What are the mandatory fields in my Facebook Lead Form? #

At minimum you require either lead Phone Number or Email, either one is sufficient. But is a phone number is the most preferred field to capture.

Why must I accept Facebook's Lead Gen Terms of Service? #

This is made mandatory by Facebook due to GDPR standards. You are required to accept Facebook Terms of Service on Information collection before you are able to run a lead generation campaign. 

Common Errors Messages #

Title content is required if a context card has been selected for lead ads. #

Within your lead form, please provide the title or description of your lead form.

Image is required if user upload image is selected in context card for lead ads #

If you select “Use Uploaded Image” for Background Image, please upload an image based on the provided guideline. We recommend that you use the image from your ad instead.

You must let people know how you'll use their data. #

You are required to let potential leads know as to what action or what you will be using their data for. For example; “Please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible”.

Please provide a valid business privacy policy URL. #

You are required to provide a data privacy policy as per GDPR standards. Refer to FAQ What is a privacy and disclaimer policy?

Please provide a valid website URL. #

For the completion section, if you selected Download or Visit Website as your Call-to-action button. You are required to enter a valid URL to your website.

The button text is required for the "Thank you" page. Please add the button text in the "Thank you" page. #

You are required to enter the text for yout Call-to-action button.

A "Thank you" page phone number is required. Please add a valid phone number. #

For the completion section, if you selected Call Business as your Call-to-action button. You are required to enter a valid Phone Number they can get in touch with you.

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Updated on October 3, 2022

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