My BSN SME Grant fund has been disbursed. What’s Next?

Instructions #

  1. Create and setup your own Facebook Business Account and Page. Follow the instructions here to create a Facebook Business Account, and the instruction here to create a Facebook Page.
  2. Sign up for your Peasy Account. Follow the instruction here on how to create a new Peasy Account. You’ll receive your own Peasy Account.
  3. Setup your Business Profile. Answer a few question about your business, our AI will then analyze your business and assign to you a Facebook Ad Account. You can follow the instructions here on creating your Business Profile.
  4. Create your own Facebook Lead Form. You’ll a need form for your customer and leads to fill up, after clicking on your ad. Please follow the instructions here to create a Facebook Lead Form.
  5. OK! Now you’re ready for our one-on-one onboarding session, where our experts will guide you to create and launch your first campaign. You will automatically receive an invitation for onboarding upon completing your account sign-up.
  6. Click here to join our WhatsApp group. Interact with our Peasy users, receive training and event announcement. Only open for paid Peasy customers.


How many onboarding sessions will I receive? #

Each user have up to 60 minutes of one-to-one session with our digital marketing expert. We highly encourage you to make full use of this valueable session.

What if I need more onboarding time? #

You can purchase additional onboarding session. A 60 minute session will cost you RM 250.

An average user can create and launch a campaign with Peasy under 5 minutes.  If you attend the onboarding session fully prepared, there should be plenty of time left to provide in-depth consultation and analysis.

What preparations do I have to make before my onboarding session? #

  1. The session will be held through Google Meet. Please attend the session using your laptop/desktop. Do not attend the session using your phone. We will guide you through screen sharing, you’ll be taught directly how to setup and run a campaign. 
  2. Please make sure you have setup your Facebook Business Account, Page and Peasy Account, Facebook Lead Form as per listed in the instructions BEFORE the onboarding. All of these must be created using your own personal Facebook account, we cannot create these on your behalf. If we used up the onboarding session hours to guide you on setting up your Facebook page – we will have less time to show you crucial techniques such as optimizing your lead quality, getting more profitable customers, etc.
  3. If possible, try to prepare your ad visuals/videos and copywriting before the session. So we can launch the campaign immediately after onboarding. Click here to learn more about ad creative. 

Where else can I learn more about Peasy? #

  1. Our manual and knowledge base is available at
  2. Join our WhatsApp user group here. Announcement, event and support questions can be posted in the group.
  3. Join our regular training classes. Classes are held in the morning and after working hours, in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Click here for classes schedule.

How and when will I receive my Facebook Ads Credit? #

You will receive your Facebook Ad Credit after you had created your Peasy Marketing Account, and before your first onboarding session.

The credit will to added to your account balance, similar to the image below.

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Updated on October 3, 2022

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