How to create an Engagement Campaign

Instructions #

Click on “+Campaign”

An Engagement campaign can be made given 2 different scenarios.

When you select a Full Funnel strategy, you may be recommended to create a Engagement campaign depending on what Peasy understands of your business.

But if you want to run a Engagement campaign, select the Single Campaign Strategy.

Select Engagement to create a Engagement Campaign

Enter the name of your Engagement Campaign

Please tell Peasy how long you would like to run your campaign

Please specify your campaign budget, the budget has to be more than the minimum stated by Peasy. This budget is based on the duration of the campaign and the minimum spend of respective channels.


Tell Peasy your campaign KPI, but do note that this is not a hard number as Peasy will strive to achieve the best result based on estimates and prediction. This however tells Peasy what strategy to employ during the duration of the campaign.

Specify the target location of your campaign. The location targeting should be based on areas which you can serve, it is recommended that you do not limit your location targeting to immediate areas. If you are able to serve customers on a state level or even country level, it is best to target along those lines in order to not limit the campaign performance.

Based on your duration and campaign budget, the number of recommended Audience Segments may vary.

For more information and best practices, please click here


Upload your creative and insert your ad copy, set your CTA and assign audiences to respective creatives. You will need to have all creatives configured fully before you are able to deploy the campaign. Failing to do so will result in your being unable to click on the “Save & Publish” button.

Please change the URL as well to where you would like to direct potential customers to as well.

For more information on how to upload creatives, click here

Once everything has been configured and you are satisfied, click on “Save & Publish” if you would like to set the campaign live.

If you want to revisit and edit at a later time, click on “Save”.

Do note that your configuration must be complete in order for these buttons to be active, failing to do so will have these buttons grayed out (inactive state)


What's the difference between the usual Facebook post boost ads which I normally run and the other campaign objectives recommended by Peasy? #

  1. Facebook Boost does not have detail targeting while Peasy has detail targeting.
  2. Peasy has automatic targeting where you does not have to do anything to set the targeting while Facebook Boost need you to select the targeting.
  3. Peasy has growing 30tb industry data which will help on your targeting. With Facebook Boost you have to figure it out by yourself by spending huge amount of money on ads and hiring performance marketer to get the same targeting as Peasy do in 2 minutes.

When and why I shouldn't use Facebook Post Boost all the time? #

When you Boost a post on Facebook, the post is delivered to the News Feeds of users who fit within your general targeting parameters. As noted, clicking the little blue “Boost” button next to a post on your Facebook business Page is easy, and it will see your content reach more people than it would have organically. But the truth is that, unless you’re lucky, the majority of those extra viewers aren’t likely to respond to your content in a way that’ll make a significant impact on your business.

In a sense, by simply boosting posts, you’re not leveraging the full power of Facebook’s advertising system.

Can I run engagement ads for my Instagram account? #

Yes but it only appear on news feed and explore as shown in the image below.

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Updated on October 3, 2022

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