How to create a Lead generation Campaign

How to create a Lead Campaign #

Click on “+Campaign”

A lead campaign can be made given 2 different scenarios.

When you select a Full Funnel strategy, you may be recommended to create a Lead generation campaign depending on what Peasy understands of your business.

But if you want to run a Click campaign, select the Single Campaign Strategy.

Select the Lead Objective

Enter the name of your Click Campaign

Please tell Peasy how long you would like to run your campaign

Please specify your campaign budget, the budget has to be more than the minimum stated by Peasy. This budget is based on the duration of the campaign and the minimum spend of respective channels.

Tell Peasy your campaign KPI, but do note that this is not a hard number as Peasy will strive to achieve the best result based on estimates and prediction. This however tells Peasy what strategy to employ during the duration of the campaign.

Specify the target location of your campaign. The location targeting should be based on areas which you can serve, it is recommended that you do not limit your location targeting to immediate areas. If you are able to serve customers on a state level or even country level, it is best to target along those lines in order to not limit the campaign performance.

Based on your duration and campaign budget, the number of recommended Audience Segments may vary.

For more information and best practices, please click here


Upload your creative and insert your ad copy, set your CTA and assign audiences to respective creatives. You will need to have all creatives configured fully before you are able to deploy the campaign. Failing to do so will result in your being unable to click on the “Save & Publish” button.

Please change the URL as well to where you would like to direct potential customers to as well.

For more information on how to upload creatives, click here

Once everything has been configured and you are satisfied, click on “Save & Publish” if you would like to set the campaign live.

If you want to revisit and edit at a later time, click on “Save”.

Do note that your configuration must be complete in order for these buttons to be active, failing to do so will have these buttons grayed out (inactive state)


What's the difference between a Facebook Lead Form and Website Lead Generation? #

A Facebook Lead Form captures leads on Facebook by using a native form within your Facebook Business page, Website lead generation would require that you have a lead form within your website. This carries other complications such as needing a Facebook Pixel for Facebook to understand that a lead event has happened and for Facebook to be able to capture your lead information. Leads capture from a Facebook Lead Form is automatically added to your Peasy contact list as leads as opposed to having to periodically update your contact list on Peasy when you choose to run a Website Lead Generation.

Another advantage that Facebook Lead Form carries is that it minimises leakages, as leakages tends to happen due to the extra step from having to navigate outside of Facebook.

I used to generate leads and enquiries using Messenger campaign, why does Peasy recommend Lead campaigns instead of Message campaigns? #

Peasy does this because it is best practice, a message campaign has the advantage of connecting a lead to your team members immediately, but has little benefits elsewhere. 

Very little optimisation can be done with a message campaign versus a lead campaign as with a message campaign, you are unable to know for example out of X amount of people, how many actually go on to message. Whereby with a lead campaign, you know how many has opened the form and how many has submitted the form. That itself presents an opportunity for optimisation.

The other advantage that it carries is lead management and lead retention, as all information is captured and available for view. This gives Peasy the ability to later on analyze lead information and carry out the necessary optimisation in order to help your campaigns perform better and improve on audience targeting.

How do I create a Facebook Lead Form? #

To create a Facebook lead form, please click here

I can't create a Facebook Lead Form #

There are 2 scenarios whereby you are unable to create a Facebook Lead Form.

  1. You have not accepted the policies necessary from Facebook.
  2. You have been banned from doing lead collection due to policy infringement.

How do I know if I have successfully created a Facebook Lead Form? #

You will be able to see it in Peasy when creating a Lead Generation campaign or alternatively, you can check in Facebook itself.

Navigate to your Facebook Business Page and click on Publishing Tools, click on Forms Library under Leads Ads Forms.

If your Facebook Page is new, you will need to check under your Business Suite, look for Lead Centre.

What is a privacy and disclaimer policy? #

The privacy and disclaimer policy is a requirement when creating a Lead Form. Under Data Privacy and Protection, this is made mandatory by Facebook when creating Lead Forms to ensure that the data collected adheres to GDPR standards. You can easily use a Data Privacy and Protection policy generator that is readily available on the web or use one from your website.

I have created a Facebook Lead Form, but the form is not available for selection in Peasy #

Please ensure that you have created the Lead Form in the Facebook Page that is configured in your Business Profile on Peasy or that you have selected the correct Facebook Page when creating your Business Profile.

What are the mandatory fields in my Facebook Lead Form? #

At minimum you require either lead Phone Number or Email, either one is sufficient. But is a phone number is the most preferred field to capture.

Why I can't use Google Ads for my lead campaign? #

Google Ads has limited campaigns available for lead generation utilising a native form. One that is free and available for use is a Lead Form for a Search Campaign, which Peasy does not support. Other campaigns requires a minimum spend of at least RM 50,000 on said Google Ad account before it is made available. Therefore given the segment that Peasy is mainly designed for, we do not support lead generation on Google Ads.

Why must I accept Facebook's Lead Gen Terms of Service? #

This is made mandatory by Facebook due to GDPR standards. You are required to accept Facebook Terms of Service on Information collection before you are able to run a lead generation campaign. 

Common Errors Messages #

You have not accepted Lead ToS #

Please click on the button as prompted on Peasy and accept the Terms of Service given by Facebook.

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Updated on October 3, 2022

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