Common Error Messages

Pixel is not found #

To use Pixel, you need to properly setup the pixel and verified domain. To do so, please read the instruction here.

Objective is not supported in your current plan or Facebook Ad Account #

The objective you choose may only include in certain level of subscription plan. Please check your subscription plan in by login Peasy > setting > billing

Please select an objective #

Facebook advertising required you to choose an objective to begin creating the ad.

  1. Pick any objective you want by clicking at the objective box.
  2. Click “Next” button.
  3. You will be directed to campaign creation page to answer Question 1.

Campaign Name should be more than 10 characters #

Please add more words to your campaign name. Peasy required 10 character and above as highlighted in the image below.


Not accept: Iklan Baju (9 words)

Accept: Iklan Baju Raya (14 words)

Duration should be more than 4 days #

Your campaign will be visible to your target audience from the start to end date. Please note that Facebook and Google may take up to 48 hours to approve your campaign, before it can be published. We recommend that you factor in these delays when publishing your campaign. Both Peasy and Facebook/Google will need time to gather data before optimization – the minimum campaign duration is 4 days but we recommend at least 7 days as shown in the image below.

Campaign budget exceed available ad spent limit #

Every subscription level has different available ad spent limit as picture below. You can only spend for your ads until you reach the ad spend limit available for you.

For example, Free Forever Plan has RM615 ad spend limit. If you has spend RM600 for previous ads, your balance will be RM15. It is not enough balance as minimum requirement for ads in Peasy is RM570. Thus, you has to wait until it reset to (RM0/RM615) to start spend for ad.

Minimum budget should be ___ #

The minimum budget amount is calculated based on your campaign duration, and set by Facebook & Google for low-event campaign objectives.

We recommend that you set a higher budget/target than you intend to achieve first, and then reduce later in the campaign manager screen.

You can check the minimum budget as highlighted in the image below:

Please select at least one location #

To do ads, you need to select atleast one location for the ad to appear. Peasy recommend you to choose state and above because if you choose district, the population is too small and will affect your targeting.

To do so please follow this steps:

  1. Key in the location name.
  2. Select the location name from the dropdown list.
  3. Click “Create Campaign” button to continue. You will be directed to Campaign Manager.

___ is part of ___. Please either remove ___ or ___ #

You can choose more than one location, but locations cannot overlap with each other.

For example:

  1. District in State. Cheras in Kuala Lumpur. So choose only Kuala Lumpur.
  2. State in Country. Selangor is in Malaysia. So choose Malaysia.

You have not accept Facebook Leads Terms of Service, please accept Facebook TOS from this link here before you can launch a lead campaign. #

In order to do Lead Generation campaign, you are required to accept term and condition impose by Facebook. You can do so here.

No Facebook Form Found #

In order to do Lead Generation campaign, you need to create a lead form. Lead form is a form where your leads will fill in their information such as name, email, phone number.

To create Facebook lead form you can click “Create New Form” button as highlighted in the image below.

You will be directed to a Lead Form pop up.

Phone field cannot be none. #

  1. Click at None.
  2. Click Phone.
  3. If you don’t have Phone, check your lead form and add question asking for lead phone number.
  4. Click Next button.

Refer to the video below:

Failed to get form field mapping #

  • Refresh page and try again.
  • Check your whether your Facebook Page connected with your Facebook Business Account.
  • If not connected, then add the page into your Business Account

Failed to save form field values. #

  1. Refresh page and try again.
  2. Check your whether your Facebook Page connected with your Facebook Business Account.
  3. If not connected, then add the page into your Business Account.

Please set an accurate target #

The target must be in numbers.

Authorization timeout #

  1. Your session have timeout due to browser inactivity. Press “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “R” on your keyboard, you will be directed to login screen.
  2. Login again and continue what you were previously doing
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Updated on October 3, 2022

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