How to create a Single Objective Campaign?

Single Campaign creation is slightly more complex than Full Funnel. Before creating a single campaign, you must understand how your sales funnel influences your campaign objective, population size, geographic location and audience selection.

For example, if your current funnel states:

  • Campaign Objective. If you intend to generate 500 leads; you can either choose to create a “Click” Campaign that will produce 10,000 clicks (500 leads divided by 50% = 1,000 target open form, further divided by 10% = 10,000 clicks) OR you can create a Lead Campaign. But if your current Lead Volume is 50 and below, then it’s advisable that you choose “Click” as your campaign objective. Facebook recommends that you do not use any event with less than 50 event count per week as your optimization goal. The same limitation applies to Reply, Traffic, Lead and Conversion campaign objectives. Click here to learn more about Sales Funnel.
  • Geographic location, audience selection and population size. To achieve 500 leads, you will need at least 100,000 impressions. A general rule of thumb is your ad will reach only 7.6% of your target population. Thus, you must expand your campaign’s geographical reach and audience size to have at least (100,000 X 13 = 1,300,000) target population.

Creating Campaign using Single Campaign Mode #

1. Select “Single Campaign”. #

Press enter or click next to continue.

2. Choose your campaign objective. #

Do note on earlier preamble when selecting campaign objectives. Click here to learn more about Campaign Objectives if you are unsure.Press enter or click next to continue.

3. Type in your campaign name #

This is merely an identification visible to only you alone, not visible to your audience. At least 10 characters. Example of a good campaign name: “BRAND X 09/10/2021”. Press enter or click next to continue.

4. If you are creating a Traffic/Reply/Conversion campaign, you can choose the ad’s destination platform. #

Select “Website” if you want your audience to land on your webpage after clicking on the ad. Select “FB Messenger” if you want your audience to continue interaction through Messenger after clicking on your ad.

5. Select your campaign duration. #

Your campaign will be visible to your target audience from the start to end date. Please note that Facebook and Google may take up to 48 hours to approve your campaign, before it can be published. We recommend that you factor in these delays when publishing your campaign. Both Peasy and Facebook/Google will need time to gather data before optimization – the minimum campaign duration is 4 days but we recommend at least 7 days. Press enter or click next to continue.

6. Set budget. #

Specify what’s the maximum amount you intend to invest on this campaign. The amount you have set is non-commital. You can always pause the campaign before the budget is spent entirely, or you can adjust the budget even after the campaign has been published. If left undisturbed, Peasy will automatically pause your campaign when spent reaches your planned budget. Please ensure that your budget is equivalent or exceed the specified minimum budget. The minimum budget amount is calculated based on your campaign duration, and set by Facebook & Google for low-event campaign objectives. We recommend that you set a higher budget/target than you intend to achieve first, and then reduce later in the campaign manager screen.

7. Set a target. #

Specify how many X you want this campaign to produce, X being the campaign objective. For example, if you are creating a lead campaign – then the target is measured by the number of leads generated. Unlike the Full Funnel campaign, Peasy’s prediction and recommendation is based solely on your budget. Peasy will predict the realistic, achievable target based on your budget in the Campaign Manager screen. The target you have set influences how aggressive Peasy’s AI will bid and spend.

8. Set your target location. #

Specify the geographical location your target audience frequently visits or resides in. You can choose more than one location, but locations cannot overlap each other. For example, you cannot choose “Kuala Lumpur” and “Malaysia” as well since Kuala Lumpur is part of Malaysia. Location has a direct impact on your campaign performance. Selecting a narrowed location such as a street will restrict your audience population size, compared to setting an entire country. Unlike Full Funnel campaigns, you need to be conscious of the population size or your campaign won’t run. Our suggestion is to set a wider geographic target, and let our AI narrow it down. Just because your shop is used to serving neighbourhood customers doesn’t mean you should continue to target customers from the same neighbourhood. You have expanded your business online because of the opportunity to reach a wider audience group. Widen your targeting by selecting more locations, or by using Country and State instead of streets and areas. Press enter or click next to continue, you will be forwarded to the Campaign Manager screen.


1. Which campaign objective should I use? #

Users can choose from awareness, clicks, traffic, reply, lead, engagement and conversion. Picking the wrong objective can lead to over or under spending. Click here to learn more about campaign objectives.

Common Error #

1. Pixel is not found #

  1. Please check your Facebook Business Account.
  2. Under Data Sources, click Pixels.
  3. Click Add and continue with the instruction.

2. You do not have any valid pixel event #

To use Pixel, you need to properly setup Pixel. To do so, please watch the video below or you can refer here.

3. Please select a Platform ! #

Choose a platform whether Facebook, Instagram or Google platform to do ads.

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Updated on October 3, 2022

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