How to nurture leads at scale

How to nurture B2B leads at scale

Problem: My sales team is wasting too much time calling leads that are not ready to buy

OK, now that your chatbot is producing plenty of qualify leads; what do you do with them? You can’t pass Marketing Qualified Leads to your sales team, they will be inundated with nurturing and educating prospect that aren’t ready to buy. Furthermore, most of these prospects are not ready to contacted by sales, they might find your contact attempt to be pushy and invasive.

How can you replicate the one-on-one listening and personalization that a sales consultant achieve on digital? A stagnant, brochure website, mass email and WhatsApp broadcast definitely won’t work.

Solution: Use content and marketing automation to nurture leads at scale

  • Rather than nurturing prospect manually, imagine this scenario – Marketing Qualified Leads are automatically nurture until they are ready to be contacted by your sales team. And when that happen, the system immediately prompt your sales team to call and follow-up. Your sales team doesn’t receive just a prompt, but they can inspect the entire lead’s journey and understand the context, so when they call, they can personalize their script with maximum effectiveness.

  1. Create buyer personas to represent the different stakeholders. If you need help, consider using Peasy Marketing’s audience segment recommendation, Peasy will create segments complete with interest and demographic profile, along with estimated population size and CPL. 
  2. Attract and educate prospect with content. Create content that your buyer persona will find useful at every different phase within the buying journey. If you are stuck, get inspiration from keyword research tools such as Semrush and Moz
  3. Use our rule-based agent assignment to automatically assign contacts to sales agent based on territory configuration. Your marketing and sales manager will no longer need to manually distribute leads in spreadsheet.
  4. Use drip-marketing and content personalization to nurture qualified prospects in the pain and category phase. Instead of a stagnant website and mass email and WhatsApp blast, use automation to nudge prospect towards buying maturity. Automation and custom-event tracking can trigger chatbots,  email, WhatsApp to send relevant content based on the prospect’s behavior and action. For example, automatically WhatsApp a PDF on total ownership cost analysis when a prospect from finance department visit our pricing page after talking to our sales team.  Experience our B2B automation demo here.
  5. Use lead-scoring to assess when a prospect is ready to be contacted. Every interaction between the prospect is scored, lead scoring help grade the prospect readiness level and determine the flow and content that is automatically personalized for the prospect. Sales team can be trained to contact prospect with scores exceeding a specific level.

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