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We believe that SMBs should never be excluded from digital inclusion. Our plans are designed to accommodate all budgets. Choose between our subscription or prepaid plans.

Subscription Plans

Let's find a plan suitable for you. Free 30 days trial.

I am looking for a messaging platform for:

My customers buy and pay for my products/services:

I want to include Peasy Marketing (create and optimize my FB, IG & Google Ads) as well:

The best to start
/per year
FB & IG Messenger
Communal WhatsApp
LINE, Telegram, Email
SIM-Free WhatsApp broadcast
Repeat Sales Broadcast
Send rich-interactive messages
2 Agents
Access to our online classes
Starter O2O
Suitable for small retail or sales team
/per year
Everything in the Prepaid plan, plus:
6 Agents
Rule-based auto agent assignment
2 X Chatbots
200 Free Bot Interaction PM
2,000 message quota per month
8 Automations
Appointment Scheduling
1 X one-on-one onboarding sessions
2 software in 1
Premium O2O
Suitable for small retail or sales team
/per year
Everything in Starter O2O plan, plus:
12 agents
15 Automations
Lead Quality Optimization
Automatic Custom and Lookalike Audience Update
Automatic Custom Audience Optimization
2 X one-on-one onboarding sessions
Starter E-Commerce
Suitable for e-commerce website
/per year
Everything in the Starter O2O plan, plus:
9 agents
5 X Chatbots
500 Free Bot Interaction PM
3,000 message quota per month
10 Automations
Website Live Chat
2 X one-on-one onboarding sessions
2 software in 1
Premium E-Commerce
Suitable for e-commerce website
/per year
Everything in Starter E-Commerce, plus:
11 agents
5 X Chatbots
500 free Bot Interaction PM
5,000 message quota per month
20 Automations
Conversion Ads
ROAS Optimization
1 Catalog Integration
1 Pixel Integration
RMF Segmentation
Automatic Custom and Lookalike Audience Update
Automatic Custom Audience Optimization
4 X one-on-one onboarding sessions
Platinum Peasy Sales
Suitable for larger team size
/per year
Everything in the Starter E-Commerce plan, plus:
100 Agents
20 X Chatbots
2,000 Bot Interaction PM
10,000 message quota per month
50 Automations

Support & Onboarding

How we intend to keep essential technology affordable for everyone

Our mission is to promote digital inclusion, particularly for micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSME). We deeply understand the challenges faced by MSME owners who constantly strive to strike a balance between investing in future growth and maintaining sufficient cash flow for daily operations.

That’s precisely why we are committed to keeping our pricing at an affordable level. We want to empower you to expand your business without burdening your finances. Peasy’s features and plans are easily the most affordable in the market. To keep our plans affordable, we have made Peasy user-friendly and have included these:

Knowledge Base

Get all the help you need here instantly. Our knowledge base is continuously updated with new tutorial, guides and best practices.


45-minute onboarding session included in all plans (except Prepaid) to train your team and expedite setup. Conducted via web-meet. Maximize value by completing preparations beforehand and being punctual.

Chat-based Support

Operational between Monday-Friday, 9:30am to 6pm. Our AI Support chatbot respond immediately, human agent will respond within 6 hours.

into our plans. We believe in providing everything you need to nurture your business so that you only pay for what you truly require.

However, we understand that sometimes additional assistance may be needed. If you ever find yourself in that situation, we offer the option of subscribing to our optional advanced support add-on.

Advanced Support
per quarter
Prioritized support, respond within 2 hours. Help with your third-party integration, chatbot setup and general consulting. 1 extra 45-minutes web-meet session per month.

WhatsApp API Conversation Fee

Pay per conversation, not per message (non Prepaid plans)

Pay directly to Meta. No mark-ups, no monthly fees. Check out Meta rates here. Fee is calculated based on number of conversations and conversation types. Your WhatsApp API account comes with 1,000 free user-initiated conversation each month.

Conversation Type Explanation Chargeable
Business initiated
Conversation initiated by you when you send a template message
Yes, rate depend on type and destination country.
User initiated
Conversation initiated when a user sends you a message, and you reply to them
Free 1,000 per month. After which, rates applies
Free entry-point conversation
Conversation initiated when an user click on your WhatsApp ad or Facebook Page's Call-to-Action
Conversation & Messaging Rates for Prepaid plan

Not applicable for non-prepaid users. Prepaid plan users are sharing a single communal WhatsApp number. But rest assure, your contacts and conversations are only visible to you. Prepaid plan is only suitable for light users. Payment and charges is conducted via top-up, minimum top-up is USD 50. Credit expires within a year.

Item Rate
Conversation Fee
USD 0.11 per conversation
Messaging Fee
USD 0.005 per message

Add-ons & Overcharges

When you've exceed your plan's monthly quota

Payment and charges are conducted via top-up. Minimum top-up is USD 50. Credit expires within a year.

Messaging Fee
per message
for every additional message. Only applicable when you've exceeded your plan's monthly messaging limit.
Chatbot Interaction Fee
per chatbot interaction
Charged when a user completes the entire chatbot interaction and when you've exceeded your plan's monthly quota. For example, if you've implemented a lead-qualification chatbot - a fee is only imposed when a lead is qualified/disqualified.
Additional Agent
per agent per year
If you have exceeded your plan's maximum quota.
Appointment Scheduling Add-on
per year
Unlimited calendar and meetings


What's the minimum upfront payment for prepaid?

If you sign up for a paid subscription, the annual subscription fee is paid in advance. Messaging fees are purchased through a prepaid mechanism, you can decide how much credit you want to buy at a time. Minimum top-up amount is USD 50.

Upfront cost:

USD 35

paid once every year
Minimum prepaid reload:

USD 50

Credit last for an entire year

How to calculate your estimated total cost of ownership (prepaid plan)?

Let say you have a three-person sales team that actively sells via WhatsApp, Messenger and email. You would regularly send WhatsApp broadcast to 200 customers  and email broadcast to 500 customers every month. Your sales agents are expected to chat with at least 100 new customers every month. On average, each conversation includes at least 20 messages.  Therefore, your total estimated cost in year are:

Item Payment Terms Calculation Amount (USD)
Annual Subscription Fee
Upfront Per Year
1 year
WhatsApp Broadcast Fee
Prepaid credit
200 customers X 12 months X 0.11
Email Broadcast
Prepaid credit
500 X 12 months X 0.005
Normal Messaging Fee
Prepaid Credit
100 customers X 20 message per customer X 12 months X 0.005
Total Annual Ownership Cost

How to calculate your estimated total cost of ownership (non prepaid plans)?

Assuming your tele-sales team is using Peasy Sales to qualify and convert prospects from Facebook’s WhatsApp ad. Let say each month, your ads deliver around 1,000 new leads. On average (Qualified – 20%, Disqualified – 50%, New/Reach – 30%). Assuming you have implemented a lead qualification chatbot to prequalify your leads, and the chatbot asked at least 2 qualification questions. Let’s assume it takes at least 3 conversations per prospect post-qualification before the deal is either won/lost, and each conversation – your agent will exchange at least 4 message.

Item Payment Terms Calculation Amount (USD)
Monthly Subscription Fee
Upfront Per Year
USD 308/12
WhatsApp Conversation Fee
Paid directly to Meta
1,000 X 20% X 3 X USD 0.025
Messaging Fee
Prepaid credit
((1,000 X (20%+50%) X 2) + (1000 X 20% X 3 X 4) - 2,000 free message monthly quota) X USD 0.005
Chatbot Interaction Fee
Prepaid Credit
(1,000 X (20%+50%)) - 200 Free Monthly Quota X 0.05
Total Monthly Ownership Cost
Total Cost per Lead
74.67 / 1000
Total Cost Per Qualified Lead

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