Every client wants to sell online. Every client demand ROI from their investment. You can be the agency which deliver.

Peasy Partnership programs offer you the market access, tools, methodology and training to offer Facebook and Google performance marketing services.

Our partnership program is best suited for

Before Peasy After Peasy
A lot of commitment on improving the performance campaign manually
Empower your existing team to easily manage performance campaigns using our AI
Higher workload due to improve the performance marketing
Offer complementary services such as ad creative production, content marketing to go along with performance marketing
Earn recurring commission for every new Peasy user
Before Peasy After Peasy
Repeatitive mundance technical task, limiting the time for other high value activity
Delegate the mundane technical task to our AI. Invest more time on higher value activity
Time-consuming the productivity of campaign managers with manual campaign setup
Improve the productivity of your campaign managers, automate campaign setup and optimization
Earn recurring commission for every new Peasy user

Simplify operation. Onboard, execute and manage all campaigns with our AI automation.

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The more you refer, the more you earn. Just share your referral link and earn commission for every person who subscribes to Peasy. 


Empower your team to grow with unlimited access to our training, certification and industry updates


Gain visibility to our 2,000+ SME Peasy users

Grow your business with us, join our partnership program today. Just sign up and schedule a call with us.

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