Recruit sales agents – How to find the hungry, good one?

Recruit sales agents is becoming more and more difficult. Moreover the skilled, hungry good one. Agents are being bombarded with offers from companies within and outside their own organizations. In a desperate attempt to keep good agents, companies have been tempted to offer higher commission rates but this does not necessarily retain them as they can always go elsewhere for higher commissions. Recruit sales agent is a skill that you need to learn.

The following top two tips will help you on your search to recruit hungry, talented sales.

recruit hungry agent, hired sales agent

Recruit sales agent while they’re hot

Recruit sales agent while they’re hot- when a candidate has just closed a sale or delivered some exceptional results, this is the perfect opportunity to get them on board. They are eager and hungry- the perfect mindset for someone you’re looking for in your team. Give them an offer that will make them think about it for a minute, but not too long- remember, people are still interviewing with other companies!

When you hire hungry, talented people they will bring their added value to your business straight away. The best thing about them is that once they’re in the team, it’s difficult for them to leave!


The most critical element in the recruit sales agents process is, of course, listening.

Not just to what they say, but also to what they are not saying. This means being able to hear their frustrations, challenges, and opportunities. Shut out everything else when they are talking to you- focus on them and their needs. Put aside your assumptions and judgments about who they are or why they’re talking to you. They’re not looking for a job right now- they’re looking for someone who will listen. Listen enough that you can figure out if you have anything useful to offer them aside from employment- if you do, then offer it.

Now, what you should do?

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t find any good candidates to be your agent. Recruit sales agent is a process. Honoring your recruitment skills is much more important in order to identify this good sales agent when you’re facing them during the interview session.

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