The challenge of recruiting active and hungry agents for direct sales business

For a direct sales business to thrive, having a network of high-performing agents is crucial. But active and hungry agents who consistently deliver are hard to come by.

Consider this example. Your sales data indicates that, on average, 20% of your agents are accountable for 80% of your overall sales. This is alarming as the majority of your agents are barely contributing to your sales. As your business is highly dependent on your agents, allowing this situation to continue will put your business at risk, as there is no guarantee that your top agents will stay. One can only imagine how frustrating it is to see the amount of time and money that you spend recruiting and training agents go down the drain. If only you can find more agents similar to your top agents…

Learn from these 3 common mistakes that prevent you from recruiting top agents:

Poor audience targeting

Have you ever been in a situation whereby your Facebook ad generates a lot of inquirers who do not fit your profile?

This is a common situation as most business owners run campaigns based on intuition, instead of applying data-driven research to identify their target audience.

Targeting your audience based on your gut will not help you get relevant leads. Check out this article on how to use Facebook’s audience insights, to analyse your data, and improve your targeting quality.

Audience overlapping

Not all agents will give you a positive return. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your cost-per-lead as low as possible.

However, a lot of times, the cost-per-lead for your Facebook ads can behave erratically, going up and down. This could be a sign of audience overlap – a situation whereby your own ads compete against each other for the same audience, effectively driving up the cost.

Good thing that audience overlap is preventable. To learn how you can prevent audience overlap, and other tricks to control cost-per-lead, click here.

Slow response time

Leads are a lot like vegetables – they have a decay time.

Imagine that you have a prospective agent, who, after viewing your ad, is fired up to join your team. After registering her interest through your lead form, she anxiously waits for your recruitment team to call. Two days go by, and she still has not heard from your team. After a week, your marketing team finally downloads the list of leads generated and begins to distribute these leads to your telemarketing team. By the time that they call the prospect, her enthusiasm is long gone.

Don’t miss out on good leads. Learn how to win over good leads with our chatbot and automation.

Final words

Recruiting high-performing sales agents is possible by avoiding some of the common mistakes above. If you are aiming to recruit your next top agents, try our end-to-end sales and marketing automation software.


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