Three Traits Every Good Salesperson possess.

A good salesperson, agent or stockist have the same and consistent traits you need to look during interview session. Finding one is hard so you have to learn how to recognize it.

Have you ever walked into a store and been greeted by a salesman with a smile on his face? Did he seem friendly, but not pushy? Did he have the perfect balance of confidence and good communication? If so, then you just met an ultimate salesman.

No company wants to put out bad products or deal with rude customers. And that’s where good salesmen come in. They’re the ones who get in touch with customers and make them loyal to a company’s products.  You’ll want to find someone you can rely on, someone who has good communication skills, and someone confident in what they’re doing.  These two traits will help you build a better team!

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Trait #1: The salesperson listen and asked questions.

Amateur salesperson prioritizes the closing, professional salesperson knows the most important phase of selling is in the discovery. For it’s at discovery, the salesperson learn:

a. Is this a good prospect? Do I have the right product for him/her?
b. What is this prospect’s pain? How can my product solve their pain?
c. Who are the stakeholders involve in the buying decision?
d. What are the required time and effort to close the deal.

Asking questions is a sign of curiosity, and curiosity is a sign of intelligence. A good sales person ought to be able to ask questions skillfully; without probing but seamlessly.

Trait #2: Hunger

I’ve never met a good salesperson who is not driven, and I have never met a driven salesperson who doesn’t care about their commission. Look out for candidates who ask about your commission system, seize and hire candidates who start planning “how many units I have to sell to achieve X?”, or “on average, how many units your average sales person sell?”. Questions such as these demonstrate forward-thinking.

Trait #3: Teachable

Hidden amongst the aptitude test’s questions is an excruciatingly difficult question. I don’t expect the candidates to be able to solve the question. Instead, I am looking for candidates who will ask for feedback after completing the test. This demonstrates that the candidate is both curious and enjoy learning.

One of my favorite football manager of all time is Arsene Wenger. Unlike most managers who would splurge on proven super-stars; Wenger will recruit potential players early. Arsenal can compete with deep-pocket team on budget, build a young (read high stamina, low injury) team that has deep passion and loyalty for the club. But not everyone can be an Arsene Wenger, you have to be able to spot talent even when there’s very little prove. Running a startup restrict my ability to hire rockstar salesperson; and in my experience – those who can sell millions is not guaranteed to sell thousands as well. Instead, I prefer to hire potentials who have the hunger, don’t mind a bit of elbow grease and is trainable.

And now, what you need to do?

If you catch any salesperson that has these two traits during the interview session, make them your team asap!  They’ll help you build a better team! Do you want to know how to recruit only hungry salesperson, agents, or stockists effectively and effortlessly like Nurrasya Beauty and they have these two traits? Learn about our Peasy Marketing and register for our webinar session here!

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