What's next after deploying my campaign?

OK, your campaign is up and running. What else can you do to improve the campaign performance?

Step 1

Call your customers

What does leads and fish have in common? They have a short expiry date.

Customers won't wait for you forever. Follow the instruction here to download new leads from Peasy, call your customers and update the lead status. Updating your lead status help our AI distinguish between good and bad leads, so that your campaign can generate better quality leads.

Step 2

Sudden drop in campaign performance? Or did your cost went up suddenly?

Your cost and reach will naturally decline when ad frequency increases. Refresh your ads, learn when and how to improve your ad design and copywriting here.

Step 3

All clicks and no leads?

Are you getting a lot of clicks, but hardly any leads?
Learn how to improve your ad messaging here, offer your prospect a strong motivation to register immediately. Or maybe your form is asking far too many questions. Keep your questions simple, and let your sales team qualify the prospect through phone or chat. Learn how to improve your form here

Or your ad is not spending at all?
Try widening your location targeting, learn how to improve your campaign reach here

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