Creating your first lead generation campaign on Facebook and Peasy

This is the exciting bit, you have your Facebook Ad Account setup, you have your Lead Form setup, now it’s time to create your first Lead Generation campaign!

Creating a Lead Generation campaign on Facebook

  1. In Facebook Ads Manager, create a new campaign
  2. Select the Lead Generation objective, name your campaign and click continue
  3. In the edit screen there are a couple of additional settings which you can use
    • Special ad category, this is only relevant if you are running campaign which involves social issues, elections or political. If not applicable, leave it off
    • You can set a campaign spending limit, this is completely optional. But useful if paired with campaign budget optimisation, this option however is irrelevant if you’re using a Lifetime budget
    • Campaign budget optimisation, you can choose to have a Daily budget or a Lifetime budget. If using a Daily budget, it is recommended that you do use campaign spending limit to ensure that the campaign does not spend more than you’re willing to pay. This is completely optional, but if you want further control over how the budget should be allocated between ad sets, then you can leave this off. Because how this setting works is that basis the performance of your ad sets, it will shift the budget around. Say if an ad set is performing well, it will shift more budget to that ad set. If you use this however, you can manually allocate a budget to an ad set.
  4. Create and ad set, select the Facebook Page you would like to tie the ads to
  5. Create an ad set, under Budget & schedule, you have an option of using a daily budget or a lifetime budget. If you want granular control of ad spend, then use daily budget. But do note that when using daily budget, you may have to adjust budgets on a daily basis when there is more lead volume for specific days. If you’re using campaign budget optimisation, then you won’t be able to set a budget for an ad set here. You can set for how long you want to run the ad as well and from when the ad should start running as well here
  6. Create an ad set, set your targeting criteria’s be it broad targeting, lookalike or custom audience
  7. Create an ad set, under optimisation and delivery
    • Cost control, you have the option of setting your bid. This is recommended to do so, if you followed our lesson on pre campaign research, you’ll know how much you should be spending for each lead
    • Under bid strategies, you have the option of selecting cost cap or bid cap or target cost. Cost cap will allow for slight expansion as it will spend to the limit of your bid, bid cap will keep your CPL to below the specified bid and target cost will keep it to generally somewhere within your specified bid.
  8. Create ad, under identity, if you would like to tie your Instagram account, that can be done so here as well. Without an Instagram account you generally can still advertise on Instagram but the difference is that if people were to click a the name of the advertiser on Instagram, it won’t lead them anywhere as there isn’t an Instagram account to redirect them to
  9. Create ad, under ad setup, choose a format you want your ads to be in
  10. Create ad, under Ad Creative upload your creative, set your ad copies, set your call to action and select the lead form you would like to use
  11. Click on publish, once your campaign is out of the review process you’re very much ready to generate leads

Creating a Lead Generation campaign on Peasy

  1. Brand overview, select your brand profile and click “+Campaign”
  2. Select Lead
  3. Enter campaign name
  4. Select Lead Form
  5. Set campaign duration
  6. Set your budget
  7. Set your target leads
    • Target leads here generally tells the AI helps Peasy decide on strategies to use, with the constraint of budget and campaign duration. Say for example if there is roughly 3 days left in the campaign, the lead collected has not reached the target leads and there is still budget, Peasy would then decide to go aggressive with the bid in order to achieve target.
    • Though there is a need to be realistic with setting a target
  8. Enter location, click “Create campaign”
  9. You’ll now be redirected to one of the main strengths of Peasy. The media plan and creative upload page.
    • Peasy would give you recommendations of audience targeting to use based on similar campaigns
    • You can take a look at each audience and decide what audience you would like to use, if there are audience targeting recommendations here that does not fit your target audience. You can simply delete it by ticking the box on the left hand side of the audience segment and then click “Delete”
    • To create your own audience targeting, click on “Add” and do so like you would on Facebook Ads when creating an ad set. You can use custom audience and lookalike audience that you have created by clicking on “Save Audience”
    • You will also find estimate CPL and estimated volume, these projections are made through the usage of various data point available to Peasy. Be it similar campaigns and an internal database that Peasy has in order to come up with accurate predictions. Peasy will also decide the budget split based on predictions and audience pool available.
    • Do ensure that the budget total budget allocation is 100% across all audience segment if you have made changes of your own
  10. Upload your creative, you don’t have to specify what format you are using. Peasy will understand based on the creative specifications you have uploaded.
  11. Just like in Facebook, set your ad copies after uploading your creatives. Then all you have to do is assign which creatives goes to which audience segment, you can even assign multiple audience segment to a single creative
  12. Now all you have to do is click Save & Publish, Peasy would prompt that your creatives should meet advertising guidelines. Given that you are sure that your creatives meets advertising guidelines, click deploy.
  13. Once your campaign has been deployed on Facebook, it will then go under a review process. When approved, all you have to do is sit back and let Peasy do the rest. Depending on your campaign performance, Peasy will automatically shift budget, change bids and do audience testing when need be. You can later take a look at the changes, recommendations and even an SWO analysis in the report section once your campaign starts running and that there is enough data for the AI to kickstart.


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