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For real-estate agencies and property developers who want to stop the crushing feeling of:

What if you've just missed your next big sale?

When your sales agents are too busy to reply promptly, you’re giving prospects a reason to look elsewhere. Every inquiry is a sale opportunity and every delay could mean the difference between success and failure. 

Where are the biggest leakages in your sales funnel?

Why fixing follow-ups can easily double or triple your sales

How long are you willing to wait for your property agent to reply? You’ve spotted your dream home on an ad and eagerly register your interest. You expect an immediate respond. But unbeknownst to you, your inquiry needs to take a meandering journey before you get a respond.

Which is the easiest leakage to fix in your sales funnel


Calculate how much commission you could recover just by improving respond time

Curious how much commission you’ve lost every month? Want to know how much more commission you can earn simply by improving your respond time? 

Fill in the details in the calculator below to find out.

Want to recover lost sales per month?

Learn how you can recover these low hanging fruits now.

Recover your lost sales. Automate appointment booking and customer inquiry with Peasy.

Connect Peasy to your web, social, Whatsapp and ads. Our chatbot instantaneously greet and pre-qualify incoming leads, help them to book appointments for viewing and automatically distribute qualified prospect to your sales team and agent.

Download leads automatically

Prospect register on your ad, website or socmed

Qualify leads automatically

Chatbot Whatsapp instantaneously greet and qualify prospect

Distribute leads to agents automatically

Your agent receive notification on their phone, contact automatically downloaded

Book appointment automatically

Chatbot help qualified lead to set appointment, smart enough to avoid double booking.

Monitor your team's followup easily

Monitor your agent’s conversation in detail or via summary report

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Want to recover your lost sales now? Find a plan that suits your need.

Want to learn more about Peasy Sales?

Invest RM 117 a month to recover lost sales

Sign up before June 2023 and receive one extra 1-on-1 onboarding session FREE

Our pricing starts from RM 1,400 a year.

Suppose your commission is RM 2,000 per sale. If Peasy were to recover merely just 1 extra sale per month, your RM 1,400 subscription would give you RM 24,000 return. Don’t lost any further sales, sign up now.

Invest RM 250 a month to recover lost sales

Sign up to our 2 months plan, before committing further. Free 1 one-on-one onboarding session.

Suppose your commission is RM 2,000 per sale. If Peasy were to recover merely just 1 extra sale per month, your RM 250 monthly subscription would give you RM 24,000 (96X) return. Don’t lost any further sales, sign up now.

Invest RM 150 to recover lost sales

Sign up to our prepaid, no-frills plan at 90% discounted price

Everyone starts small. Our no-frills plan is our investment in your business. Gain usage of Peasy for an entire at 90% discounted price. To keep our pricing affordable, our no-frills plan is completely DIY. Setup your account, chatbot and automation independently using our knowledge base, without customer support.

You have far too many things on your plate, for just RM 150 a year,  you can automate your sales recovery and have one less thing off your mind.


Yes, Peasy will automatically WhatsApp leads who have registered on your Lead and Messaging Ads.

Peasy can centralize incoming leads from WhatsApp, Website, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email, LINE and Telegram. Learn more here.

You can design a set of pre-qualification questions, such as “Are you buying for your own stay or investment” OR “What’s your budget for a new home”. Our chatbot will ask these questions after greeting the prospect. Learn more here.

You can set the leads to be automatically assigned based on sales territorial rules, or just divide it equally between agents and teams. Learn more here. Your agents will receive a notification on their phone whenever a new lead is assigned to them.

Yes, but why create unnecessary delay when you can directly assign the leads to your agents. If you want the team leaders to prequalify leads, consider using our chatbot to automatically qualify and assign to agents. Your objective is to reduce sales leakage due to slow respond, therefore you should aim to ruthlessly remove impediment and bottlenecks.

Yes, you can create automations to automatically assign leads based on custom rules such as by projects, by state, by property and prospect type.

Yes, Peasy support both Android and iOS platform. Your agent can respond to customer and receive new appointments on-the-go.

Integrate our chatbot with your agent’s Google Calendar. Our chatbot can be configured to check for free slots within your agent’s calendar, before scheduling viewing appointments.

Yes, you can configure Peasy to send reminders X number of minutes before the actual appointment.

Our solution uses official WhatsApp API, which allow you to share 1 account with unlimited number of devices. Agents can only read and converse with agents assigned to them. For example, agent John won’t be able to read and talk agent Jane’s contact and vice versa. Learn more about the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API here.

Peasy support 2 level of user access. Agents can only read and converse with contacts that are assigned to them. Admins can read and converse with all contacts within their accounts.

Yes. However, there will be additional charges per phone number. 

Report imposes productivity penalty. There’s a reason why most of us hate reporting, it distracts us from doing real actual work. While reporting are necessary evil, Peasy aim to automate and reduce the performance penalty for your sales team. Peasy automate most of the reporting metrics such as follow-up time, respond time, resolution time, conversation volume and sales pipeline. Learn more here.

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