3 Ways to Check Quality Level of the Lead


Have you ever answered the lead’s questions, given a presentation and assisted the lead in understanding the solution we offer, but at the end of the story, they didn’t even buy.

We have spent days on this lead. Never tired of answering questions and satisfying the lead.

If you experience this problem, what should you do?

Among the answers is that you need to first check the level of readiness of the lead before you decide to treat and manage the lead.

There are 3 ways you can do it:


Ask Maturity Level Rating Questions

Determine the maturity level of the lead (lead maturity level) by asking questions that are more technical and continuous with the solution you offer.

For example SEMRush and Moz will ask leads to rate their skill level in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For our own company, Peasy, we can ask leads to rate their level of knowledge about Facebook ads or how often they make Facebook ads to find out their maturity level.

The use of this method is effective for products or services that require technical knowledge to operate them and for leads to fully benefit from the product.

Even so, this method also has a slight weakness where excessive leads (overrated) give themselves a rating.


Buying Schedule

To get an estimate of when the lead purchase’s schedule is, you can ask a question like this “Do you see your company implementing solution A within this 6 month period?”.

Questions like this are very important to prevent you from losing time managing leads that have a very long Purchase Schedule and are not ready to buy. It can also give us a clear and accurate answer.

But as we know B2B segment is quite complex because many people will be involved in making one purchase decision.

If the lead contacting us does not have decision-making authority, find a way to contact the decision-maker before asking this question.


Lead Scoring

The level of lead readiness can be known by looking at their behavior. For example, their behavior on websites and communication channels (WhatsApp for example).

You can measure them based on how often they view a single page on your website, how often they contact you via message, what articles they read on the website and many other ways.

Give them a score based on the level of importance of their behavior. For example, when they see the price page, the score must be more than other pages such as the main page.

In addition, you can also combine this method with scale questions where you can ask leads to give a scale to questions such as “From a score of 1 to 5, do you feel it is important to have a good lead management system to increase the company’s sales you?”.

You can set the sales team to contact leads with a score of 40% and above and set a priority to contact the lead with the highest score first.

The advantage of this method is that it is more accurate because the given lead has been determined by the level of intention and readiness through the actions of the lead itself.

The downside of this method is that it’s complex to do but it’s worth it to get quality, healthy leads that won’t hurt your sales team’s head and heart for a long time.


So what can you do now?

For you to make changes and even more so that it is related to sales and marketing, it is very important and necessary to have the right knowledge. With the knowledge to manage and produce quality leads, you can definitely make changes. Your next step on this journey is to download the E-Book below for your positive future changes.

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