Why is my sales team not hitting the targets even with the large number of leads?


Isn’t it weird? Almost 100 leads a day yet the sales target is nowhere to be reached. As a employer or sales manager, you would be in this dilemma, wouldn’t you? When you ask your team to find their own leads, they say it’s hard.


The leads have been provided, but what happened to the sales? And you would hear so many kind of excuses that would start with “I think..”.


Below are some reason why your sales team is not achieving their target even though so many leads have been provided for them.


Low Lead Quality

How great are the quality of the leads provided to your sales team?

In order to answer the question, you must first determine the definition of good quality leads. For example, if I am in the automotive industry, my definition of qualified leads would be if the prospect passes the basic terms of car loan such as earning salary of RM2,000 and above, is employed for more than a year, and so on so forth.

Provide a definition of qualified leads based on the criterias you are looking for in each one of the prospects.

Some sales manager love to just purchase database and pass that information to their sales team. This is a guaranteed waste of time and energy because most of the prospects in the list would not be interested in purchasing your product. What’s the point of it then?


The Lack of Cooperation between the Sales and Marketing Team.

In order to get a high quality prospect, the sales and marketing team must work together effectively especially in the aspect of building the brand name and advertising.

The marketing team needs enough information and datas to get a qualified lead that supposedly matches the criteria.

The sales team then blames the marketing team because the leads provided turns out to be bad leads.

How do we solve this? Both departments should work hand-in-hand to communicate and find solutions together because each of their roles are vital. The sales team are the closest to the customer bases whereas the marketing team studies the potential customers.



Not Utilising Automation in your Business

Is this your business?
  1. On the 1st day, the marketing team roles out an ad.
  2. On the morning of the 2nd day, the marketing team then organises all the prospects attained into an excel sheet.
  3. The excel sheet is then handed over to the sales team.
  4. The sales team then gets to work and starts calling or messaging the prospects one by one.
  5. Repeat the process all over again.

If this is the way your business is running, there are a lot of wasted time and efforts here.


Based on the list above, there are a lot of automations that can be done to assists both the sales and marketing team to produce more sales.


When the automation takes place, there are a lot of time that is saved. The number of sales are often linked with time.


If you delay getting in touch with the prospects, often times the prospects would no longer be interested and also not to forget, there are also plenty of other competitors in the market that are also targeting the same prospects.


Besides that, with automation, your process of selling would be more efficient from lead generation all the way to closing the sales.


What should you do now?

We have discussed regarding lead quality, cooperation between the sales and marketing team, as well as the automation in marketing and sales. Each and every point of the discussion have their own solution and you can definitely pull it off.

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