Quick Start Guide

5 Easy Steps from Creating your Peasy Account to Launching your Campaign

Step 1

Create a New Peasy Account

Follow the instructions here to sign up for a new Peasy Account.

What'll you need before creating a Peasy Account account:
Facebook Business Account, Facebook Page, Facebook Ad Account, with proper access configured.

If you do not have either of these available, please contact Facebook Support directly here.
Peasy cannot and does not provide support on your Facebook account and asset related matters.

Step 2

Setup your Business Profile

Create your first Business Profile using the instruction here

Give our AI at least 24 hours after creating your Business Profile, before creating your first campaign. Our AI need time to analyze and create personalized recommendations for your campaign.

Step 3

Create Custom Audience (Optional)

Help our AI to improve your campaign's targeting accuracy

Upload a list of your existing customer into Peasy, our AI will analyze the common attributes of your existing customers to find new customers with similar behaviour. Peasy can create up to 20% Look-alike audiences.

Step 4

Create your first Campaign

You're now ready to find new customers. Create a new campaign using the instructions here.

Peasy automatically take cares of your audience targeting, bid placement and budget split for you. You merely need to prepare these items before creating your campaign:
Create a Facebook Lead Form, Design your ad and copywriting and Upload your video/images onto Peasy

Step 5

Deploy your Campaign

That's it, you're good to go

Click "Save & Publish", and your campaign will be published on Facebook/Instagram/Google. Do note that Facebook/Google will need to review and approve your ad after it's published. More information here.

Sign up for Peasy

Just enter your email and password to start using Peasy for free! We will re-direct you to our login page as soon as you are registered.

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