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Peasy Marketing can automatically create and run better performing Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns in just 3 steps.

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Does your campaign suffer from any of these problems?

No Spent

No matter how you increase the bid, your campaign refuses to spend. That’s very likely because of insufficient audience’s population or overlapping.

Erratic performance

Performance and cost goes up and down unpredictably. That’s very likely because of bad audience segmentation and overlapping.

Unsustainable performance

Performance was good initially, but dropped drastically. That’s very likely because of insufficient audience population or non competitive bid.

Overcome these challenges easily. Just 3 steps, under 1 minute.

Easy to run

Checking in on your campaign every other minute?

Overwhelmed by countless spreadsheets and CSV?

Frustrated by your campaign’s unpredictable performance?

Luck is fickle, data is difficult. Just use Peasy

24/7 Campaign Manager for just RM8.12 a day

Peasy is directly connected to Facebook, Google and Instagram via API. Our AI tirelessly monitors and optimize your campaign’s performance.

Automatic Performance Optimization. Click & Forget

  • Audience Optimization
  • Channel, Bid & Budget Optimization
  • Creative Optimization
  • Lead Quality Optimization

222% Better Performance, 2.57X more contactable leads

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