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Solution for Selling High-Ticket Items

Ideal for real-estate agencies, automotive dealers, insurance agencies and education providers that want to:

Attract and close high-value deals faster

Selling cars, real estate or insurance is a long and complicated process. Peasy creates ads that generate leads with high purchase intent and capability, and helps your sales team follow up intelligently so they do not miss opportunities.

Schedule a free session with our experts and discover you can sell more high-ticket items quickly and profitably.

We understand your challenges and ambition

Over 1,600+ Agents in Malaysia uses Peasy to market and sell high-ticket items

Other companies like yours that are using Peasy

Don't waste your money and energy on tyre kickers

Peasy improve your FB, IG and Google ads to target genuine potential buyers

Imagine if you are able to predict each lead's purchase intent, even before they register

Your customer does extensive research before making their final purchase decision. Peasy tracks and measures your existing customer’s purchase journey, and uses this pattern as a template to find new prospects and predict their purchase intent.

Schedule a free session with our experts and discover how you can attract genuine potential buyers.

Why other companies like yours are using Peasy to run their FB, IG and Google Ads

Track Customer Journey

 Peasy track your prospect’s conversation, website visits and clickstream

Lead Scoring & Prediction

Predict the value of every lead even before they register.

Cost & Value Alignment

Your ad budget and bid are automatically set to pursue the most profitable leads

Automatic Retargeting

Automatically retarget prospects who are still considering, exclude bad leads from your ad

Easy Peasy

Create a new campaign in just 3 easy steps.

Don't let opportunities slip away

Achieve thorough and prompt follow-up using our automation and reporting features

Follow-up Smartly

It can be overwhelming to keep track of when, what, and with whom to follow up. Don’t keep your prospect waiting, greet incoming leads and distribute them to your sales team automatically. Use our chatbot to qualify new leads, keep track of your prospects, and answer common questions. Peasy scores each lead and send follow-up reminders so you don’t miss opportunities. 

Schedule a free session with our experts and discover how you can follow-up effortlessly.

Why salespeople love using Peasy

Automatic Lead Qualification

Focus your time and energy on good leads. Chatbot filter incoming leads on WhatsApp with qualification questions.


Prioritize your time and attention on urgent and high value deals. Peasy score every lead based on value and urgency.

Behavior-trigger Chatbot

Your prospect just visited your pricing page, read your proposal. Use our chatbot to automatically send relevant and personalized message that help nudge your prospect closer to buying.

Follow-up Reminder

Don’t miss out on opportunities, get notified immediately when your prospect exhibit key buying signals.

WhatsApp Broadcast

Easily broadcast rich-interactive promos, without being banned or blocked.

Sign up for Peasy

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Get RM2,000 worth of FB Ad Credits and 1 year subscription of Peasy Gold Free

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