Personalizing Messages

Canned responses, template messages and broadcast can be dynamically personalized.

For example, to personalize a New Year greeting, you can create a canned response as follows:

Happy New Year {{}} from {{}} and all of us here at Peasy

Suppose Janet’s conversation is assigned to Ben. When Janet receives the message, her message will read

Happy New Year Janet from Ben and all of us here at Peasy.

Suppose Bob’s conversation is assigned to Azeri. When Bob receives the message, his message will read:

Happy New Year Bob from Azeri and all of us here at Peasy.

List of personalization macros #

Type Macro Example
Standard contact attributes,, contact.phone_number
Hi {{}}, your email at {{}} and phone number {{contact.phone_number}}
Contact's Custom Attributes
Suppose you have declared a custom attribute with the key "age", you can refer to it as {{contact.custom_attributes.age}}
Agent attribute,
Hi, I am {{}} from Peasy
Appointment's attribute
meeting.location, meeting.friendly_time, meeting.title
Hi, just a reminder that we will be meeting at {{meeting.location}} on {{meeting.friendly_time}} for {{meeting.title}}
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Updated on May 23, 2023

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